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Vietnamese soup

(Served with salad or vegetables.)

  • 1

    Súp Hoành Thánh.

    55 kr.

    Wonton soup with pork.

  • 11

    Gỏi Cuốn.

    65 kr.

    Fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork, omelet, noodles and Fresh springrolls with shrimps, pork, omelet, noodles and asian vegetables. Served with peanutsauce. (2 pieces.)

  • 2

    Súp Cua.

    38 kr.

    Vietnamese crab soup.

  • 12

    Chả Giò.

    45 kr.

    Vietnamese spring rolls (with pork) served with mild spicy fish sauce. (4 pieces.)

  • 3

    Phở Bò Tái / Bò viên.

    98 kr.

    Vietnamese beef soup with thick rice noodles.
    Extra: Meet balls: +10kr.

  • 13

    Bánh Xèo.

    85 kr.

    Crispy rice pancake with shrimps, pork and bean sprouts. Served with mild spicy fish sauce.

  • 4


  • 14

    Bánh Cuốn Thịt.

    65 kr.

    Filled steamed rice pancake rolls with pork. Served with mild spicy fish sauce. (5 pieces.)

  • 5

    Hoành Thánh Mì.

    98 kr.

    Wanton noodle soup with big shrimps, pork and Char Siu. (spicy pork.)

  • 15

    Bánh Mì Đặc Biệt Nha Trang.

    75 kr.

    Baguette with Char Siu (spicy pork) and vegetables. Nha Trang speciality.

  • 6

    Súp Gà.

    38 kr.

    Chicken soup.

  • 16

    Gỏi Đu Đủ.

    98 kr.

    Papaya salad with marinated beef. Nha Trang speciality.

  • 7

    Súp Rau.

    30 kr.

    Vegetable soup.

  • 17

    Gỏi Ngo Sen.

    88 kr.

    Lotus salad with shrimp and pork.